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commercial drinks fridge

At Stellisons Commercial we understand the need for keeping drinks stored at the perfect serving temperature, whilst still looking appealing to customers. So whether you run a hotel, bar, cafe, convenience store or sandwich shop - contact our experts to discuss all of your commercial drinks fridge requirements today.

We have a full range of under counter drinks fridges and glass fronted display drinks fridges all at very competitive prices. From beer fridges to perfectly display beers and ciders to wine coolers that’ll keep your wines stored at the ideal temperature - we have the solution for your refrigeration needs.

Liebherr Commercial Drinks Fridges 

We have specifically selected the Liebherr range of commercial drinks fridges because of their outstanding durability and cast iron reputation. Liebherrs’ attention to detail and stringent stress testing of all their products has led to them winning numerous independent awards, which anyone who owns one of their fridges will agree - is well deserved.

We at Stellisons Commercial are confident that whether you buy or rent a commercial drinks fridge from us it will be a painless experience for you. You can rest assured that your business will be empowered with a world renowned, award winning appliance that will give you consistent temperature control and optimum performance for many years to come.

Liebherr drinks coolers offer the perfect refrigeration performance, even under the most extreme climates. Drinks stored in Liebherr drinks fridges will be cooled to perfection in a very short time. They are also incredibly energy efficient due to their use of environmentally friendly coolants, most up to date components, and technologically advanced control systems.

Liebherr Commercial Glass Door Display Fridges

We understand that in the hospitality industry, keeping the products in the customers eyeline is an important factor for increasing sales. With that in mind, all Liebherr glass fronted drinks fridges have been designed to catch the eyes of your customers through the use of LED interior display lighting. They can also be custom branded with the use of brand images and logos.

All Liebherr commercial drinks fridges are guaranteed to withstand many years of constant use due to their high quality materials and components. Liebherr drinks fridges are easy on the eye, economical, energy efficient, easy to clean and provide easy access to stock.

Practicality meets style and functionality which will all contribute to you creating an amenable environment for your staff and customers. Give our experts a call today to discuss your requirements and find out how our award winning range of Liebherr commercial drinks fridges will benefit your business. Call: 01268 638060.