Hospital Laundry Equipment
Hospital Laundry Equipment
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Hospital Laundry Equipment – Dishwashers, Washing Machines, Tumble Dryers & More

NHS and Private Hospitals need look no further – From small spaces to full infection control we provide the very best solutions laundry and dishwashing equipment for NHS and Private Hospitals – That’s Our Promise

With over 50 years experience supplying this sector Stellisons create the ideal laundry system to meet your needs and for fill your legal obligations to the Care Quality Commission (CQC).

Hospital Washing Machines

One of the top requirements of a washing machine in a hospital environment is the ability to prevent the spread of infection through the processing of soiled and contaminated materials. Miele professional washer extractors equipped with Miele’s pattered dump valve waste system provide the ideal solution, enabling hassle free disposal of waste water (What is a Dump Valve link). Furthermore, each washer extractor complies with HSG(95) 18 Standard, preventing the spread of bacteria thorough thermal disinfection and also comes with WRAS approval.

Barrier Washing Machines
For ultimate infection control Miele also provide barrier washing extractors mounted through a dividing wall to segregate contaminated from already processed items.

View our full range of hospital washing machines by clicking here

Hospitals Tumble Dryers

To complement their washer extractors Miele offer an array of tumble dryers ranging from 6.5Kg to 40Kg machines. These are available in Electric, Gas and LPG models.

In a Hospital environment the laundry is often used round the clock making running costs of paramount importance. Miele’s new heat pump tumble dryers are ideal for this scenario as their technology allows them cut energy usage by up to 53% compared to standard element heaters. How do they work?

Finally, if laundry is to be process on each ward and space is an issue why not stack the tumble dryer on top of the washing machine. This is available on Miele’s 5.5Kg, 6.5Kg and 8Kg appliances.

Have a look through our full selection of hospital tumble dryers by clicking here.

Hospitals Ironers

For large amounts of bed lining and flatwork materials rotary ironers are the ideal tool to save time, with a ability to process between 13Kg – 60Kg’s per hour. Miele rotary ironers come in a range of sizes to suit every requirement depending on the size and quantity of the items requiring finishing. For increased throughput Miele have a selection of Ironers capable of using two operatives.

For ward laundry’s with limited space Miele provide the HM16-80 which can be manoeuvred with ease and folded away to take up just 1/2 a square meter of floor space.

Hospitals Dishwashers

To prevent cross contamination and spread of bacteria such as MRSA and E. coli among patients it is vital the dishwasher used provides thorough disinfecting of crockery and utensils. The department of Health recommends a rise temperature of 82 degrees should be held for 2 minutes to destroy unwanted germs.

The Miele PG8059 Hygiene dishwasher is ideal for this environment. Firstly, it provide scope for changes in requirements by enabling thermal disinfecting temperatures to reach 93 degrees for up to 10 minutes. Secondly, with a fast hygiene wash  it is capable of enduring the strain of a busy kitchen.

If you would like to take a look through our hospital dishwashers, take a look at this page, or give us a call on 01268 638 060

So in short we make it cheaper, easier and more effective for your home

We offer tailor made rental packages guaranteeing savings in all areas along with a service guarantee second to none.

Included as standard in our rental agreements are delivery and installation, old appliance disposal, commissioning, staff training, 6 year Parts and labour warranty and a yearly annual service.

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