Commercial Tumble Dryer Rental
Commercial Tumble Dryer Rental
  • Delivery & Installation
  • German Quality Dryers
  • Breakdown Cover
  • Emergency Call-outs
  • Over 50 Years' Experience
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Commercial Tumble Dryer Rental | Industrial Tumble Dryer Rental

The UKs Top Commercial Tumble Dryer Lease Service

50 years experience

If you’re looking for a cost-effective way to rent commercial tumble dryers in the UK, we at Stellisons Commercial have the perfect solution for your business.

We have over 50 years’ experience providing commercial and industrial tumble dryer leasing services to our customers throughout Essex, Suffolk & Kent and have built a solid reputation for ourselves as the number one commercial laundry equipment supplier in the UK.

We have specifically designed our tumble dryer rental packages to ensure your business runs as smooth as possible. And so, we offer our emergency call out service and maintenance service as standard, to ensure you are never without the use of your dryers.

We realise how important having tumble dryers you can depend on is to your business, which is why we always ensure that when you use our rental packages – not only do you get industry leading tumble dryers you can rely on. You also get a rental service you can rely on too!

What is included in the Commercial Tumble Dryer Rental Package?

  • Delivery and Installation
  • Old Appliance Disposal
  • Commissioning
  • Staff Training
  • Breakdown Cover
  • Loan machines to Prevent any Interruption
  • Commercial Tumble Dryer Parts
  • All-important Compliance Inspection, Gas and Safety Checks
  • Full Parts and Labour Warranty
  • Annual Service
  • Commercial Tumble Dryer Maintenance
  • Emergency Call-outs

Our Miele Professional Tumble Dryers are built with that solid quality you always expect from German appliances. And when you combine that with the fact that we loan out replacement dryers in the rare event one should break down as standard in our rental packages – there simply isn’t a more reliable solution for your business.

This is the most affordable way you can ensure you always have your appliances when you need them.

Commercial Tumble Dryer Rental Prices

We offer fixed monthly payment plans with options to pay over a 3-6 year term, depending on your preference.

Simply drop your requirements into the form below and we will get back to you with a free quote, fast.

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Miele Professional Tumble Dryers Available to Rent, Lease or Buy

Industrial Tumble Dryer Hire UK

Tumble Dryer Rental

At Stellisons Commercial, we have been renting out hundreds of commercial tumble dryers to our customers across England for over 50 years, and have built an impressive reputation for ourselves within the commercial appliance industry.

And because we are so committed to top quality tumble dryers, we ensure we only rent out the best commercial dryers on the market from Miele. These dryers are perfect for launderettes, care homes, hotels, hospitals and more.

Plus remember, in the rare event that a machine should break down, we will loan out another whilst yours gets fixed. Guaranteeing your business has the tumble dryers it needs at all times.

Why Miele Professional Tumble Dryers?

Our commitment to providing customers with reliable tumble dryers is the key reason we only offer Miele Professional Tumble Dryers. The Miele Professional range boasts a variety of features that provides thousands of businesses with an unparalleled service.

Key Benefits of Miele Professional Tumble Dryers

Superior Energy Efficient Technology – These environmentally friendly tumble dryers save you money on running costs through their incredibly low consumption values. These dryers deliver perfect drying results, whilst using no more energy, detergent or water than required.

Caring Honeycomb Drum – The precise design of the Miele Honeycomb Drum creates a thin air cushion between the wall of the drum and your garments, protecting the laundry from damage. This ensures maximum protection of all items placed inside the dryer and helps improve the life of your laundry too.

Crease-free Laundry – The revolutionary technology inside a Miele Professional Tumble Dryer will even ensure your laundry gets dried without creases by changing the direction the drum is spinning in at irregular intervals.

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So if you’re looking for reliable tumble dryers from a company that takes care of everything and have been in business for over 50 years - get in touch today.

Either submit your details and requirements into the form below for a free quote, or call us direct and talk to an advisor on: 01268 638060. You can also visit our showroom at: 14 Parsons Road, Manor Trading Estate, South Benfleet, SS7 4PY. We’re open Monday – Saturday and our helpful team are always on hand to assist with anything you may need.