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Cheap Commercial Catering Fridge Deals at Stellisons Commercial

If you’re in need of a reliable catering fridge for your business, check out our wide range, here at Stellisons Commercial.

These high quality, professional fridges perfectly suit the needs of many businesses, including: catering companies, supermarkets, pubs, bars, restaurants, convenience stores, hotels, care homes and more.

Plus, because these refrigerators are top of the range, they are guaranteed to meet the highest standards of all food hygiene legislations.

We have built up amazing relationships with many top brands over the years and have a great insight into which catering fridges are best suited for each industry.

Whether you’re looking for a undercounter beer fridge for your bar, or a large commercial fridge for your shop – we have the perfect solution for you at Stellisons Commercial.

We stock an extensive range of commercial fridges from two of the most sought after brands, Liebherr & Foster.

Our Commercial Fridges Boast:

Super energy efficient designs - which saves your business money on electricity bills.
State of the art air distribution systems - which ensures every item placed inside the unit is cooled to the exact same temperature set.
Touch sensitive controls - that allow you to easily see and set the temperature of your fridge.
Ergonomic handles - which means operating these fridges as easy as possible.
Strong components - that guarantees these machines last for many years to come
Lockable doors - which keeps the contents of your fridge safe at all times.
& much more

Our catering fridges are built to last and give your business the ability to guarantee food stays chilled at a consistent temperature for many years to come.

If you would like help finding the best catering fridge for your business, give our experience team a call now on 01268 638060, or drop your requirements into the form below and we will get back to you shortly.