Commercial Bar Fridges For Sale

Here at Stellisons Commercial, we understand that your business needs to keep drinks stored at the ideal temperature for serving at all times. We are also aware of the importance of the look and style of your fridges to promote the correct image for your business. Whether your business is a hotel, bistro, bar, or restaurant - we have the right bar fridge for you.

We carry the full range of bar fridges, from premium forced air under counter units to glass fronted display fridges - you’re sure to find what you’re looking for here at an extremely competitive price.

These fridges are guaranteed to store your beverages at the optimum temperature, display them in an attractive manner to your customers and save on precious floor space. Whatever your refrigeration needs - our experts have over 50 years experience working with businesses just like yours. Call us today on 01268 638060 for any free information you may need.

Liebherr Commercial Bar Fridges

We have chosen Liebherr as our go to company for commercial bar fridges because of their outstanding reputation and the quality of their workmanship. Liebherr produce commercial fridges which are strong, reliable and award winning. They stress test each appliance and their attention to detail is second to none.

When you buy or rent a commercial bar fridge from us at Stellisons Commercial you can be certain of a stress free experience. Your award-winning bar fridge will give you many years of unbeatable performance and consistent temperatures, and our team will always deliver on customer service.

Liebherr use the most up to date, and technologically advanced control systems which makes their commercial bar fridges environmentally friendly. This is due to their energy efficient innovations and their environmentally friendly coolants. It also means that any drink stored in a Liebherr commercial bar fridge will chill to the perfect temperature in the shortest time.

Liebherr Commercial Glass Door Display Bar Fridges

We are aware that keeping products in the customer's eyeline is important to increase sales and it’s with that in mind that we chose Liebherr commercial bar fridges. All Liebherr glass fronted bar fridges have been specifically designed to enhance sales, with the use of LED interior display lights. Plus, if you wish to, you can even customise the fridge with your image or logo.

Commercial bar fridges require a large amount of frequent use, but there’s no need to be concerned about that damaging the appliance, as all Liebherr bar fridges are designed and guaranteed to withstand many years of continuous usage. With Liebherr bar fridges you are getting a high quality, energy efficient, easy to clean and eye catching appliance. Plus because they’ve been specifically designed for bar use, they’re incredibly easy to stock and serve from too.

Liebherr bar fridges are stylish, practical, and functional giving you and your staff an easier working experience, and keeping your customers happy as well. To discuss your requirements give our experts a call today, and see how our award winning range of Liebherr commercial bar fridges can enhance your business. Call now on 01268 638060.