Miele PWM 920 Commercial Performance Plus Washing Machine

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An economical and efficient professional washing machine that’ll deliver outstanding cleaning results for many years to come.

The PWM 920 is one of Miele’s larger washers, with a 20KG load capacity – giving you enough space to clean a large amount of garments per cycle. For businesses that need to do a lot of washing, this model is ideal as it also features some fantastic short program cycles that get the job done quick, without compromising on performance.

On top of that, it’s also very efficient to run as it’s able to work out exactly how much detergent, water and electricity it needs to wash your load on a wash-by-wash basis. And what’s more, the patented honeycomb drum 2.0 helps protect your garments during the wash cycle – giving you a gentle clean that’s less likely to damage your textiles.

If you’re a: Hotel, Launderette, Restaurant, Hospital, Care Home or anything else – you can’t go wrong with the Miele PWM 920

Programme ControlsM Touch Pro Plus
Load Capacity (Kg)20
Drum Volume (l)180
Max. Spin Speed (U/min)1,075
g-factor/residual moisture* (%)460/44
Cycle Time** (min)44
Heating TypeEL
Drainage (DP DN 22/DV DN 70)DV only
Front Colour/MaterialSST
External Dimensions H/W/D1450/924/935

EL = Electric, DP = Drain pump, DV = Drain valve, LW = Lotus white, enamelled, IG + Iron Grey, SST = Stainless steel * Residual moisture after hot final rinse. ** Cycle time in ‘Cottons 60 °C, hot water connection

Key Features

Low consumption values – Economical and efficient

Honeycomb drum with perforated drum rear panel – Unique honeycomb structure for gentle fabric care & faster wetting

Patented honeycomb drum 2.0 – Intensive deep cleaning and protection of fabrics

WiFiConn@ct – Simple networking via smartphone/tablet and app1

Excellent capacity thanks to process optimisation – First-class efficiency thanks to short programme durations, ensuring high turnaround times

M Select control system – Fast, direct selection of the wash programme and effortless access to additional functions and settings

Automatic Load Contol Plus – High savings potential  and run times thanks to the calculation of load volumes

Short programme cycles –  Premium Commerical technology allows you to benefit from the shortest programme cycles

Excellent spin performance – Very low residual moisture on account of high g-factor


What is the Miele PWM 920 drum size?

The drum size on the Miele PWM 920 is 20KG

Is the Miele PWM 920 energy efficient?

The Miele PWM 920 is incredibly energy efficient as it has a lot of amazing features designed to save energy (such as precise automatic load recognition)

Does the Miele PWM 920 have short wash cycles?

Yes, the Miele PWM 920 washing machine features short washing cycles that allow you to clean your garments in a very short time period.

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