Miele PWM 520 Commercial Performance Washing Machine

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With a 20kg load capacity, low consumption values and a patented drum that’s designed to protect your laundry throughout the wash cycle – the Miele PWM 520 Performance Washing Machine is a great option for many different businesses.

It features an automatic door lock which improves the safety of the machine, quick and efficient programme cycles that allow you to wash a large amount of laundry in a short amount of time, and a maximum hygiene disinfection rinse that reduces recontamination by bacteria that may be present in the water significantly.

If your business needs a washing machine it can rely on for many years to come, the PWM 520 is definitely for you.

Programme Controls M Touch Pro
Load Capacity (Kg) 20
Drum Volume (l) 180
Max. Spin Speed (U/min) 950
g-factor/residual moisture* (%) 360/49
Cycle Time** (min) 49
Heating Type EL
Drainage (DP DN 22/DV DN 70) DV only
Front Colour/Material IG/ SST
External Dimensions H/W/D 1450/924/935

EL = Electric, DP = Drain pump, DV = Drain valve, LW = Lotus white, enamelled, IG + Iron Grey, SST = Stainless steel * Residual moisture after hot final rinse. ** Cycle time in ‘Cottons 60 °C, hot water connection

Key Features

Low consumption values – Economical and efficient

Honeycomb drum with perforated drum rear panel – Unique honeycomb structure for gentle fabric care & faster wetting

Patented honeycomb drum 2.0 – Intensive deep cleaning and protection of fabrics

WiFiConn@ct – Simple networking via smartphone/tablet and app1

Excellent capacity thanks to process optimisation – First-class efficiency thanks to short programme durations, ensuring high turnaround times

M Select control system – Fast, direct selection of the wash programme and effortless access to additional functions and settings

Automatic Load Contol Plus – High savings potential  and run times thanks to the calculation of load volumes

Short programme cycles –  Premium Commerical technology allows you to benefit from the shortest programme cycles

Excellent spin performance – Very low residual moisture on account of high g-factor

Miele PWM 520 Price

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