Miele PW 6321

13-32 Kg Washer-Extractors

Key Features

Powerplus: A performance that offers more with powerful heater elements for fast heat–up and short cycles. Large drum volume for high laundry loads and intelligent solutions for reliable results – Professional, commercial technology.

Careplus: The patented honeycomb drum ensures laundry is cared for. The profiled pattern on the drum creates a protective film of water on which clothing gently slides.

Flexplus: Profitronic M controls – Freely programmable. Standard programme packages and a total of 199 programme slots. The graphic display combines symbols and text for easy programming and programmes are selected via a rotary dial. The temperatures, holding times, wash times, drum rhythms, spin speeds and dosing are all programmable to suit your needs. Chip card reader fitted as standard.

Ecoplus: A sustainable, cost–effective performance, achieving optimum results using as little water, energy and detergent as necessary. Robust design using recyclable materials for maximum sustainability.

Comfortplus: A simple, user–friendly solution when selecting programmes by using rotary switch and pushbuttons. With a large drum opening for simple loading and unloading.

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PW 6321 Specs


Suitable for stacking
Door opening Frontloader: [Ø mm]370
Door opening: Unclean side / clean side [mm]
Opening angle180


Max. load [kg]32
Honeycomb drum volume [litres]320

Moisture control

Spin speed [max. rpm]1000
g factor448
Residual moisture %53


Slot for communication moduleX

Dispenser systems

4 compartment dispenser in machine front
5 compartment dispenser drawerX

Connection options

External liquid dispensing interfaceO
Communication module with serial interfaceO
Payment systemO
Peak load cut-outO


2 x Cold water 1/2” with 3/4” threaded union
1 x Hot water, 1/2” with 3/4” threaded union
Cold water valve for liquid dispensing, 3/4” threaded union
1 x cold water, 3/4” with 1” threaded unionX
1 x hot water, 3/4” with 1” threaded unionX
1 x hard water, 3/4” with 1” threaded unionX
Min. flow pressure 100 kPa (1 bar)
Max. flow pressure 1000 kPa (10 bar)
Drain pump DN 22
Dump valve DN 70X


Electric (EL), Gas (G), Steam (D)EL/G/D

Electrical connection (electric heating)

3N AC 380-415 V 50-60 Hz31 kW / 3 x 63 A
3 AC 440V 60 Hz31 kW / 3 x 50 A

Electrical connection (gas heating)

3N AC 380-415 V 50-60 Hz5 kW / 3 x 16 A

Electricalconnection (steam heating)

3N AC 380-415 V 50-60 Hz5 kW / 3 x 16 A

Dimensions, weight (electrical heating)

External dimensions H/W/D [mm]1640/1085/1272
Net weight [kg]648

External finish

Front stainless steel, lid and sides octoblue, rear panel*X
Lid, sides and rear panel in stainless steel

Sound levels (IEC 704-1 and 704-2-4)


Floor load

Maximum floor load in operation

* Electro-zinc plated

x Standard feature

o Optional feature

– Feature not available