Large Commercial Tumble Dryers (Including 15KG, 20KG & more)

Large Capacity Industrial Tumble Dryers at Stellisons Commercial

If reliability and energy saving are at the top of your list, you’re going to love the Miele range of large capacity commercial tumble dryers we have in stock at Stellisons Commercial.

Miele have over 100 years experience in the production of top range electrical goods and are a trusted brand by many businesses across the world. The Miele Professional Tumble Dryer range is well known for producing unbeatable drying results, whilst saving you big on water and electricity bills.

Get Your Large Commercial Dryer Stress Free

We at Stellisons Commercial are Miele Professional approved partners, which allows us to offer the very best large commercial dryers at a great price. We also provide affordable maintenance packages to help keep your business up and running 24/7. This completely removes any worry of your machines breaking down and leaving your business unable to work – as you’ll be fully covered by our maintenance package!

We understand that cutting costs and saving money are two of the most important considerations of any business owner. And when you’re looking to purchase a large industrial dryer, you need something that’s guaranteed to meet your needs and not cost a fortune to run.

The Miele Professional tumble dryers promise exactly that, as well as a variety of other unique advantages that are exclusive to Miele. These features have been specifically designed to save on drying time and utility bills, and are the key reasons why we believe Miele dryers are the best commercial tumble dryers on the market.

Large Miele Commercial Tumble Dryer Exclusive Benefits

Hot Water Heating Method

This system developed by Miele allows previously heated water to be used in the tumble dryer and can be used wherever hot water is available. That means your machine won’t have to heat up any water and will save your business money on power bills from day one.

Patented Air Recycling Plus

One of the biggest expenses to running a tumble dryer is generating the heat necessary to dry your load. And whereas most conventional tumble dryers will lose heat throughout the cycle, Miele’s patented “Air Recycling Plus” technology reuses most of the air it’s already heated – resulting in quicker drying times and less energy consumption.

Perfect Dry System

large commercial tumble dryer

The Miele Perfect Dry System constantly monitors the moisture content of the laundry and will automatically stop when the desired dryness is achieved – cutting down on under or over drying, and saving on energy costs.

Patented Stream Clean Procedure

The experts at Miele have developed a process that keeps the heat exchanger constantly clean using the stream clean counter-current system. This means less down time for servicing due to your heat exchanger getting clogged up with fluff.

Patented Extra-Large Filter

This easy to remove, extra large filter needs emptying less often – giving you more time to run your business, without having to constantly worry about your filter.

These exclusive to Miele commercial tumble dryer benefits are just some of the ways our products can speed up your drying needs and cost you less to run.

Miele Heat Pump Tumble Dryers 15-20 KG (and more)

If ensuring minimal damage to your laundry is a priority, we also stock Miele heat pump tumble dryers which will not only protect your laundry from damage, but also offer up to 60% reduction in energy usage, making them a much better choice for your pocket, as well as your laundry.

If you would like to talk to a member of our team about renting or buying a large commercial tumble dryer for your business, give our specialist laundry team a call today on 012068 638 060 for a no-obligation consultation to discuss the right dryer for your business.