Miele PM 1418

Professional flatwork ironers

Key Features

High economic feasibility with innovative technology

  • Optimum heat distribution
  • High performance and capacity (HPC)
  • Innovative Easy Fold outfeed table
  • Reduction in energy consumption despite increased throughput

Numerous options ensure that every customer finds a suitable model

  • Durable spring padding
  • Feed belts
  • Return feed

High-end design

  • Design along similar lines to the new generation of washer-extractors and tumble dryers
  • Uncluttered control panel for intuitive operation
  • External Flex Control footswitch

Optimum heat distribution
Heat is distributed excellently on electrical as well as on gas-heated flatwork ironers.
Benefits: Increased heat output on in-feed side ensures superb performance.

High performance and capacity (HPC)
Thanks to the new HPC aluminium trough with a large contact angle, the contact path of laundry passing through the trough is longer.
Benefits: Due to the excellent conductivity of aluminium, the operating temperature is reached very quickly. This saves energy as well as time. A specially treated surface and high uniform contact pressure result in incomparably finished textiles.

Laundry outfeed table with honeycomb structure Easy Fold Table
The new Easy Fold honeycomb-sculptured outfeed table simplifies folding laundry considerably.
Benefits: Perforations at the points where hexagons meet induce rising thermal currents (Thermodynamic Cool Down), cooling laundry as soon as it lands on the outfeed table. The gentle flow of air through the outfeed table stabilises the finish on laundry.

Uncluttered control panel
The uncluttered control panel is characterised by large, easy-grip rotary switches and pushbuttons as well as infinitely adjustable speed and temperature controls.
Benefits: The new flatwork ironers are intuitive and convenient to operate.

Flex Control footswitch
The Flex Control footswitch is a separate unit which can be located in a position convenient to the operator.
Benefits: It offers customers a combination of flexibility and a stable construction.

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PM 1318 – PM 1421

Roller specification

Length [mm]1750 – 2040
Diameter [mm]300 – 365
Throughput according to DIN 11902 [kg/h]*75 – 96