Miele PTD 703 WES Commercial Dishwasher

Miele PTD 703 WES Commercial Dishwasher

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Looking for a professional dishwasher that will save you money and be environmentally friendly? Then the Miele PTD 703 WES Commercial Dishwasher is a great option for you! This model gives remarkably low consumption values and is known for maximum efficiency.

Also, it features a built-in water softener that makes sure water is delivered at the perfect level of hardness. This enables detergent to be used at the correct amount and lengthens the life of the dishwasher too.

And also, the short programme cycles will certainly allow you to wash huge amounts of dishes in a short amount of time, while still providing an exceptionally deep clean.

TypeFreestanding/Can be Built Under
Cleaning Performance Plates/h1,170
Cleaning Performance Baskets/h66
Maximum Final Rinse Temperature (°C)90
Number of Programmes8
Electrical Connection10A/13A/16A/20A/25A
Front Colour/MaterialStainless Steel
Weight (KG)69
External Dimensions H/W/D (mm)820/600/617


Key Features

Optimised spray arm – Optimised nozzle design helps to achieve optimum surface coverage and efficient use of resources

Economical and Efficient – Miele Professional Dishwashers stand out with low consumption values

Proven Hygiene – Our Tank Dishwashers remove more than 99.9 % of all viruses (including coronaviruses)

Specific programme for items to be washed – Regardless of the items and how dirty they are

Adjustable programme parameters – Ensures consistently perfect dishwashing results

Intelligent professional technology – Benefits from very short cycle times and perfect results

Particularly hygienic – The thermoformed wash cabinet prevents deposits and reduces the time spent cleaning

Full touch display – All information available quickly and easily via the convenient full touch display

Miele PTD 703 WES Price

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