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Miele PG 8080

Profiline Dishwashers

Miele PG 8080

Key Features

Programmes to suit a wide range of applications: Ideal for office kitchens, retail showrooms, common rooms and  day centres.

Option of 85°C rinse temperature: Provides increased level of hygiene control to reduce cross infection.

Easy installation on PG 8080 & PG 8080 U: Simply plugs into a 13A switch socket.

Option of liquid detergent feed: Eliminates potential hazard associated with manual dosing.

Available as semi and fully integrated versions: Appearance can be matched to the finish of adjacent kitchen units.

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Miele PG 8080 Commercial Dishwasher Price

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PG 8080 Specs


Freestanding X
Built-under (adjustable plinth depth 30 - 95mm) -
Integrated/fully integrated (adjustable plinth depth 30 - 95mm) -
Cutlery drawer -


Number of programmes 9

Programme times (cold water)*,  main wash °C / rinse °C

Short 65/65 24 mins
Universal 65/65 37 mins
Intensive 75/65 53 mins
Glasses 50/50 23 mins
Hygiene** 75/82 88 mins
Eco** 50/60 118 mins
Plastics** 50/- 84 mins
Beer glasses 41.5/49.5 19 mins
Pre-wash/rinse Cold water 11 mins

Programme times (hot water)*,  main wash °C / rinse °C

Short 65/65 18 mins
Universal 65/65 31 mins
Intensive 75/65 46 mins
Glasses 50/50 18 mins
Hygiene** 75/82 81 mins
Eco** 50/60 112 mins
Plastics** 50/- 77 mins
Beer glasses 41.5/49.5 17 mins
Pre-wash/rinse Cold water 11 mins

Dispenser systems

Salt dispenser in door X
Powder dispenser in door X
Rinse aid dispenser in door X
Socket connection for external liquid dispensing pump X
G 60 semi external liquid dispensing pump O

Water softener

Built-in, up to 70°dH X

Circulation pump

Throughput [l/min] 180


1 x Cold/hot water 1/2” with 3/4” threaded union X
Drain pump X
Maximum head 1 metre
Maximum drain hose length 4 metres

Electrical connection (electric heating)

1N AC 220-240 V 50 Hz with cable and 13A plug X
1N AC 220-240 V 50 Hz with cable and 32A 1P44 plug -

Dimensions, weight

External dimensions H/W/D [mm] 848 x 598 x 600
Net weight [kg] 69

External finish

Front, sides, fascia and lid white X
Front, sides and fascia white (lid not supplied) -
Sides white, fascia CleanSteel (lid and outer door panel not supplied) -
Clean Steel front panel -
Fascia design and user interface Straight with pushbuttons

Sound levels (db (A) re 1 pW)

Sound emissions 49

* Excludes drying cycle

** Extra drying pre-selected

x Standard feature

o Optional feature

- Feature not available