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Miele PG 8080

Profiline Dishwashers

Key Features

Programmes to suit a wide range of applications: Ideal for office kitchens, retail showrooms, common rooms and  day centres.

Option of 85°C rinse temperature: Provides increased level of hygiene control to reduce cross infection.

Easy installation on PG 8080 & PG 8080 U: Simply plugs into a 13A switch socket.

Option of liquid detergent feed: Eliminates potential hazard associated with manual dosing.

Available as semi and fully integrated versions: Appearance can be matched to the finish of adjacent kitchen units.

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PG 8080 Specs


Built-under (adjustable plinth depth 30 – 95mm)
Integrated/fully integrated (adjustable plinth depth 30 – 95mm)
Cutlery drawer


Number of programmes9

Programme times (cold water)*,  main wash °C / rinse °C

Short 65/6524 mins
Universal 65/6537 mins
Intensive 75/6553 mins
Glasses 50/5023 mins
Hygiene** 75/8288 mins
Eco** 50/60118 mins
Plastics** 50/-84 mins
Beer glasses 41.5/49.519 mins
Pre-wash/rinse Cold water11 mins

Programme times (hot water)*,  main wash °C / rinse °C

Short 65/6518 mins
Universal 65/6531 mins
Intensive 75/6546 mins
Glasses 50/5018 mins
Hygiene** 75/8281 mins
Eco** 50/60112 mins
Plastics** 50/-77 mins
Beer glasses 41.5/49.517 mins
Pre-wash/rinse Cold water11 mins

Dispenser systems

Salt dispenser in doorX
Powder dispenser in doorX
Rinse aid dispenser in doorX
Socket connection for external liquid dispensing pumpX
G 60 semi external liquid dispensing pumpO

Water softener

Built-in, up to 70°dHX

Circulation pump

Throughput [l/min]180


1 x Cold/hot water 1/2” with 3/4” threaded unionX
Drain pumpX
Maximum head1 metre
Maximum drain hose length4 metres

Electrical connection (electric heating)

1N AC 220-240 V 50 Hz with cable and 13A plugX
1N AC 220-240 V 50 Hz with cable and 32A 1P44 plug

Dimensions, weight

External dimensions H/W/D [mm]848 x 598 x 600
Net weight [kg]69

External finish

Front, sides, fascia and lid whiteX
Front, sides and fascia white (lid not supplied)
Sides white, fascia CleanSteel (lid and outer door panel not supplied)
Clean Steel front panel
Fascia design and user interfaceStraight with pushbuttons

Sound levels (db (A) re 1 pW)

Sound emissions49

* Excludes drying cycle

** Extra drying pre-selected

x Standard feature

o Optional feature

– Feature not available