Miele G 8072

Tank Dishwashers

Key Features

Tank wash system: High throughput performance making it ideal for busy kitchens in hotels and schools.

Triple filter: Provides high hygiene level for extended tank operation.

Clear visual operating display: Easy to operate controls with colour coding on G 8072.

Wide range of baskets and tabling: Flexible and versatile solutions to suit most applications.

Option of liquid detergent feed: Eliminates potential hazard associated with manual dosing.

Miele G 8072 Commercial Dishwasher Price

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G 8072 Specs


Freestanding X
Single basket chamber X
Basket size: 500 mm x 500 mm O


Touch control panel X


Number of programmes 3
Duration (secs) 60 / 120 / 180
Self-cleaning programme X


Capacity (litres) 45
Heating (kW) 1.8
Wash temperature °C (factory default) 65


Capacity (litres) 12
Heating (kW) 9
Rinse temperature °C (factory default) 85

Dispenser systems

Internal pump for rinse aid X
Internal reservoir for rinse aid
Internal pump for detergent O
Internal reservoir for rinse aid
Socket connection for external liquid dispensing pump X
G 60 external liquid dispensing pump O

Water softener

Built-in, up to 25°dH O
Built-in, up to 30°dH

Circulation pump

Throughput [l/min] 800


1 x cold/hot water 1/2” with 3/4” threaded union (max 65°C) X
Built-in rinse booster pump X
Inlet pressure 100 – 1000 kPa
Inlet pressure 80 – 600 kPa X
Drain pump X
Maximum head 0.65 m

Electrical connection (electric heating)

1N AC 220-240 V 50 Hz with cable
1N AC 220-240 V 50 Hz with cable (load interlocked) 7.7 kW / 1 x 32A
3N AC 400 V 50 Hz with cable (load unlocked) 9.5 kW / 3 x 16A
3N AC 400 V 50 Hz with cable (load interlocked) 10.7 kW / 3 x 16A

Dimensions, weight

Height without lid/including optional lid (mm)
Height hood lowered/hood raised (mm) 1470 / 1940
Width x depth (mm) 800 x 880
Net weight [kg] 118

External casing

Stainless steel X
DET 60/1 stainless steel lid

Sound levels (IEC 704-1 and 704-2-4)

Noise level 75.1 dB

x Standard feature

o Optional feature

– Feature not available