Miele Professional Washing Machines Launderette Equipment

Why Miele Professional Washing Machines make amazing Launderette Equipment

If you’re setting up a new launderette, or you’re looking to upgrade your current launderette – you are going to love the Miele Professional range of Commercial Washing Machines.

We have been working with launderettes for a number of years and know exactly what makes for a great piece of launderette equipment.

We believe these Commercial Washing Machines were made for launderettes, and here are our top 5 reasons why…

1. They can run for 8 hours per day… every day… For 10 Years!

Efficient Launderette Washing Machine

The components of these washing machines are so strong that simply pointing out that they are built to last doesn’t do them justice.

In fact, these washing machines are so well built, that they’ve even been proven to have the ability to run for 8 hours per day, every day, for 10 years!

So with the Miele Professional range, you don’t get that constant fear of your machines breaking down on you. Instead, you get reliable machines, that generates money for many years to come.

2. They’re cheap to run

energy efficient launderette washing machines

Everything about the Miele Professional range screams “EFFICIENCY!”

These machines have impressively low water and energy consumptions, which is a key factor for any successful launderette.

The less electricity and water needed to run the machines, the cheaper each load costs you – making these a great way to increase your profit margins!

3. Exceptional cleaning results your customers will love

Miele Launderette Equipment

These commercial washers will provide your customers a level of cleaning they simply cannot get elsewhere!

The Miele Professional range provides such a thorough clean, they are even able to meet hospital standards.

Because for hospitals, having powerful washing machines that can remove stains from soiled garments is an absolute must. And meeting the CQC standards is a legal requirement, to prevent the garments from harbouring nasty diseases…

Now imagine bringing that cleaning power to your launderette. How likely do you think it would be for your customers to complain about the cleanliness of their laundry? That’s right! It’s VERY unlikely.

The reality is, washing machines like these are going to produce happy customers who can’t wait to tell their friends about their amazing experience at your launderette.

4. Cleans without damaging

Miele Honeycomb Drum

This is another one your customers are going to love you for…

Not only can these washing machines clean to hospital standards, the design of their honeycomb drum is scientifically proven to treat textiles more gently and help the garments last longer.

Giving you amazing washing results, without the risk of damaging your customers laundry.

5. Compact design saves floor space

compact launderette washing machines

The compact design of these Miele Professional Washing Machines will allow you to fit more machines into the same amount of floor space.

These are worlds apart from the bulky washers of yesteryear. In fact, Miele specifically designed certain washing machines in their Professional range to be as compact as possible, without compromising on quality.

This allows you to provide your customers with more washing machines during those busy days when all of your machines are in use.

BONUS POINT: Super versatile coin boxes

We believe you should be able to choose how to run your launderette. And the Miele Professional coin boxes are versatile enough to allow you to do just that!

You can either have your coin boxes fitted onto the washing machine itself, or securely mounted onto the wall for easy access.

You also have options when it comes to customer payments. The coin boxes can be set up to accept UK coins or tokens, depending on your preference.

So there you have it

Those are the top reasons why we believe the Miele Professional range of washing machines make great pieces of launderette equipment.

Please make sure to check each individual washing machine for specifics or call us on 01268 638060 for free advice.