What Makes A Freezer Commercial Grade?

What Makes A Freezer Commercial Grade?

The 4 main qualities that make a freezer commercial grade are:

  1. Larger storage capacity
  2. Consistent temperatures throughout the freezer
  3. Robust design
  4. Better security

In this article, we’re going to be explaining each of these qualities to help you decide whether you need to buy a commercial grade freezer or a domestic grade freezer.

Larger storage capacity

Commercial freezers typically have a much larger storage capacity to meet the needs of a busy kitchen.

Most domestic freezers are far too small to be used in a professional environment, and their overall design may take up more space than the business is willing to spare.

That’s why undercounter freezers are incredibly popular with restaurants and caterers, as they provide lots of storage, without taking up any floor space.

undercounter freezer

Consistent temperatures throughout the freezer

Regular household freezers do not maintain an even temperature throughout all areas of the freezer. This means some items of food are stored at slightly different temperatures than others. This isn’t usually a problem for most families who are preparing 3 or 5 meals per day, but for a business that is serving hundreds of customers – it’s incredibly problematic.

And that’s why most good commercial-grade freezers will provide a consistent temperature throughout the entire freezer. This allows you to know for sure what temperature the items are being stored at.

Robust design

Commercial freezers are designed to be used far more frequently than domestic freezers. The door, for example, may only be opened and closed 10 to 30 times per day at home. Whereas you’re looking at hundreds of times per day at a busy business.

Because of this, commercial grade materials are used throughout the appliance to ensure they can withstand more use than regular household freezers.

Better security

Many commercial freezers will come with a solid door lock to ensure no one accesses the freezer who isn’t supposed to. This is mainly used to prevent theft but it’s also a great way to minimise any mistakes.