Miele Professional launches new range of freshwater dishwashers

Miele Professional launches new range of freshwater dishwashers

At an impressive launch and presentation last week, Miele Professional unveiled its new range of commercial dishwashers that use a freshwater system, combining speed, efficiency, performance and cost-effectiveness.

In terms of energy efficiency, reduced use of water, flexibility and speed, the new dishwashers set challenging levels of performance, are WRAS Category 5 approved, and will attract attention from across the hospitality and catering marketplace, including the important care home sector.


The SPEED Plus dishwasher excels with short cycle times of as little as five minutes, without compromising the cleanliness of the load. The machine, which has 11 wash programmes, also has a high capacity of up to 456 plates per hour in the lower basket with further items of crockery in the upper basket, meaning that it is ideal for hotels, restaurants, offices and schools who need to run up to 40 cycles per day.

The shortest cycle time of five minutes is partly achieved through the use of a new electronically controlled heater pump. With an output of 8.5 kW, this pump heats the water as it passes on its way to the cabinet. Water is discharged and replaced in each phase of the programme cycle.

A fast and efficient machine, the SPEED dishwasher also saves on energy costs. Reduced cycle times result in considerable energy savings. The ‘short’ and ‘universal’ programmes, for example, require just 0.1 kWh per cycle, cutting previous requirements by half. Dishwashing capacities on the new models have increased by 20% and despite the condensed cycles, these machines can wash two baskets every time. Furthermore the new versatile standard wire basket can take significantly larger loads than before.

This dishwasher has been designed with the user in mind. The 11 programmes are set using touch controls and the three most frequently used programmes can be saved as favourites, launched at the touch of a fingertip using the quick selection button. The salt reservoir has a capacity of 2 kg and, with the tank located in the door rather than tucked away below the cabinet, refilling the salt container is extremely simple.


The BRILLIANT dishwasher guarantees spotless glassware and cutlery and eradicates the need for manual polishing in hotels, pubs, bars and restaurants. The machine, which has 13 wash programmes, also has a fast cycle time of 5 minutes, meaning that the machine is ideal for bars and restaurant kitchens that need to wash many glasses to a high standard, several times a day.

Recent research has shown that clean, sparkling glasses are top of the public’s agenda when wining and dining – of the 2,000 consumers surveyed, nearly a third (32%) said that if they were to experience dirty glasses, crockery or cutlery it’s very unlikely that they would return to the same establishment, whilst nearly nine in ten (88%) said that clean glassware, crockery and cutlery was very important to them.

De-mineralised water

Alongside two inlet valves for hot and cold water, the BRILLIANT washer also has a third connection for fully or partially de-mineralised water. Water with a low mineral content is used during the rinse cycle in the new ‘Glassware Special’ programme which operates at a maximum temperature of 50°C to ensure that glasses are washed gently. De-mineralised water prevents water stains and means that glasses do not need to be polished manually once the cleaning cycle has come to an end. A further feature, ‘Perfect GlassCare’ automatically adapts water hardness making it ideal for whatever glassware the user is washing.

The BRILLIANT’s steam condenser significantly reduces the volume of hot, moisture laden air released at the end of the washing and drying process. In combination with the new automatic AutoOpen function, this feature ensures that glassware and cutlery is effectively dried and cools down fast so that the machine can be unloaded quickly.

Among other components, a new electronic heater pump ensures gentle, reduced water pressure during any of the glassware wash cycles.

HYGIENE dishwasher ensures hygienically clean crockery and cutlery for care and hospital sectors


The HYGIENE dishwasher guarantees perfectly clean crockery and cutlery for the care industries and hospitals, ensuring that the risk of infection in these high-risk environments is kept at bay.

The tried-and-tested freshwater system for commercial dishwashers ensures safe results: fresh water is introduced during each wash phase and during the rinsing process. The temperature of the water in the main wash is a high 60°C, whilst the final rinse takes place at 83°C held for five minutes.

new miele range-2

The design of the machine also helps users to keep their working environment clean and free from the threat of superbugs. The smooth and crevice-free operating console – a stainless-steel surface without any push buttons – is extremely simple to clean, and there are 13 different programmes to choose from. This console also doubles up as a handle to open and close the door.

Excellent user convenience also comes from several innovations which are exclusive to Miele Professional. Before the start of a programme, the machine is automatically closed by the AutoClose feature, and the new steam condenser guarantees a room micro-climate by reducing the amount of hot, moisture-laden air released from the machine once the washing cycle is complete. This means that even when the AutoOpen function opens the door, only a limited amount of steam is released allowing even plastic items of crockery to dry. The washed load cools down fast, allowing the machine to be unloaded and reloaded quickly.

Les Marshall, Sales and Marketing Director at Miele Professional comments: “Dishwashers with thermal disinfection and speed cycles have long been a focus for Miele Professional and they all have proven results. Our new HYGIENE dishwasher is our next generation in dishwashing and is an exciting development for the care and hospital sector. With the ever increasing threat of superbugs and mega viruses, facilities managers in these environments need to be extremely careful about what equipment they choose. With the HYGIENE dishwasher, you can be certain that everything you put in to be cleaned will be thermally disinfected at a high heat and ready for safe re-use.”

The HYGIENE machines not only receive top marks for safety, hygiene and user convenience, but also for speed and economy as well. The ‘Super Short’ programme is finished in just five minutes and requires only 0.25 kWh of electricity in the process – 17% less than on the previous model range.

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