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Commercial Wine Coolers

Superb prices on our wide range of Commercial Wine Cabinets

Foster Eco Pro G2 1350 Litre Upright Wine Cabinet

Details: Foster EP1440W

Foster Eco Pro G2 600 Litre Upright Wine Cabinet

Details: Foster EP700W

Liebherr WKb 1812 - Vinothek

Details: Wkb WKb 1812

Liebherr WKb 4212 - Vinothek

Details: Wkb WKb 4212

Liebherr WKes 4552 - GrandCru

Details: Wkes WKes 4552

Liebherr WKes 653 - GrandCru

Details: Wkes WKes 653

Liebherr WKr 3211 - Vinothek

Details: Wkr WKr 3211

Liebherr WKr 4211 - Vinothek

Details: Wkr WKr 4211

Liebherr WKt 4552 - GrandCru

Details: Wkt WKt 4552

Liebherr WKt 5552 - GrandCru

Details: Wkt WKt 5552

Liebherr WKt 6451 - GrandCru

Details: Wkt WKt 6451

Liebherr WTb 4212 - Vinidor

Details: Wtb WTb 4212

Liebherr WTes 1672 - Vinidor

Details: Wtes WTes 1672

Liebherr WTes 5872 - Vinidor

Details: Wtes WTes 5872

Liebherr WTes 5972 - Vinidor

Details: Wtes WTes 5972

Liebherr WTpes 5972 - Vinidor

Details: Wtpes WTpes 5972

Liebherr WTr 4211 - Vinothek

Details: Wtr WTr 4211

Wine Coolers & Wine Cabinets

Commercial Wine Coolers

Commercial wine coolers give your business the ability to serve wine at the ideal temperature throughout the entire year. Your customers know exactly what they want when it comes to their wine, and you need a wine cooler that can facilitate their needs on a consistent basis.

Our commercial wine fridges are reliable, robust and guaranteed to deliver perfect cooling results for many years to come. You'll enjoy being able to satisfy your customers needs, and will experience fewer complaints about wine not being at the correct temperature.

We stock commercial wine cabinets from the 2 most respected brands on the market today: Foster and Liebherr. Our Liebherr and Foster wine coolers are packed full of features designed to make your business run as smooth as possible. You can learn more about the individual features on each model by clicking on their image above.

Wine Cabinets To Suit Your Needs

Whether you're looking for a cheap commercial wine cooler, or a top of the range luxury model - you'll find them here at Stellisons Commercial.

And what's more, we also offer free friendly advice to anyone in the catering industry that isn't sure which wine cooler is most suitable for them. We have been working in the industry for over 50 years and know exactly which models are most suited to your industry. We offer everything from small wine coolers for those who do not require much storage, to extra large wine cabinets that can hold over 100 bottles.

Whatever your commercial wine refrigeration needs, Stellisons Commercial are here to help. We offer free no obligation advice on all of the commercial wine coolers we sell and are available in store at 14 Parsons Road, Manor Trading Estate, South Benfleet, SS7 4PY, or over the phone at 01268 638060.

So whether you're looking to rent lease or buy commercial wine coolers, get in touch with us today for a free quote.