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Commercial Upright Freezers & Industrial Cabinet Freezers

Unbeatable prices on our wide range of upright commercial freezers

Foster Eco Pro G2 1350 Litre Upright Freezer Cabinet

Details: Foster EP1440L

Foster Eco Pro G2 1350 Litre Upright Undermount Freezer Cabinet

Details: Foster EP1440LU

Foster Eco Pro G2 600 Litre Upright Freezer Cabinet

Details: Foster EP700L

Foster Eco Pro G2 600 Litre Upright Undermount Freezer Cabinet

Details: Foster EP700LU

Foster Eco Pro G2 600 Litre Broadway Upright Undermount Freezer Cabinet

Details: Foster EP820LU

Foster Pro 20 Tray Upright Cabinet

Details: Foster EPRO20BSF

Foster Pro 40 Tray Upright Cabinet

Details: Foster EPRO40BSF

Foster Slimline 400 Litre Upright Freezer Cabinet

Details: Foster FSL400L

Foster Slimline 800 Litre Upright Freezer Cabinet

Details: Foster FSL800L

Foster Economy 410 Upright Freezer

Details: Foster LR410

Foster 600 Litre Heavy Duty Work Out Freezer Cabinet

Details: Foster PROB600LW

Liebherr GG 4010 Freezers with static cooling

Details: Liebherr GG 4010

Liebherr GG 4060 Freezers with static cooling

Details: Liebherr GG 4060

Liebherr GG 5210 Freezers with static cooling

Details: Liebherr GG 5210

Liebherr GG 5260 Freezers with static cooling

Details: Liebherr GG 5260

Upright Industrial Freezers For Sale

Commercial Upright Freezers

Commercial upright freezers are the ultimate way to store vast amounts of frozen produce in an efficient and easy to access unit.

The freezers listed on this page are designed for commercial use. That means that they will have no problem with the constant opening and closing of doors. Using a domestic freezer for commercial purposes could lead to disastrous results, which is why it is imperative you get a freezer that is up for the task.

We offer top of the range commercial freezers at unbeatable prices to serve the needs of cafes, restaurants, pubs, caterers and more.

Choose from a variety of sizes and dimensions to match your requirements. Our wide range of freezers are sure to suit your business's needs. Whether you're looking for a heavy duty double door upright freezer or a single door upright freezer - you'll find them here at Stellisons Commercial.

Our commercial freezers are packed full of features to make your business run smoother than ever. From thick robust cabinet designs that can handle the heat from even the hottest kitchen, to acoustic alarms that will warn you if somebody leaves the door open - you won't believe how much of a positive impact these freezers will have on your business.

We sell the best upright freezers on the market from leading manufacturers Liebherr and Foster, so you can always guarantee that no matter what upright freezer you buy from Stellisons Commercial, you'll be getting a top of the range unit it's going to last for many years to come.

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