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Commercial Undercounter Fridges

Storing food and beverages in a Commercial Undercounter Fridge is a great way for caterers to save space.

Foster Eco Pro G2 1/2 Refrigerated Counter

Details: Foster EP12H

Foster Eco Pro G2 1/3 Refrigerated Counter

Details: Foster EP13H

Foster Eco Pro G2 1/4 Refrigerated Counter

Details: Foster EP14H

Foster Eco Pro G2 2/2 Refrigerated Counter

Details: Foster EP22H

Foster Eco Pro G2 2/3 Refrigerated Counter

Details: Foster EP23H

Foster HR120 Space Saver Refrigerated Undercounter Cabinet

Details: Foster HR120

Foster HR150 Refrigerated Undercounter Cabinet

Details: Foster HR150

Foster HR200 Refrigerated Undercounter Cabinet

Details: Foster HR200

Foster HR240 Space Saver Refrigerated Undercounter Cabinet

Details: Foster HR240

Foster HR360 Refrigerated Undercounter Cabinet

Details: Foster HR360

Foster LL2/1HD Refrigerated Counter

Details: Foster LL2-1HD

Foster LL2/1HDRW Meat/Chill Counter

Details: Foster LL2-1HDRW

Foster LL2/1HS Refrigerated Counter

Details: Foster LL2-1HS

Foster LL2/4H Refrigerated Counter

Details: Foster LL2-4H

Liebherr FKUv 1610 Forced-air table-height refrigerators

Details: Liebherr FKUV 1610

Liebherr FKUv 1660 Forced-air table-height refrigerators

Details: Liebherr FKUV 1660

Commercial Undercounter Fridges

Cheap Commercial Undercounter Fridge Deals at Stellisons Commercial

Commercial Undercounter Fridges

These Commercial Undercounter Fridges fit all the functionality of a full sized Commercial Upright Fridge into a compact and discrete fridge that fits right under your countertop. This makes them a great way to save space whilst remaining easy to access and out of the sight of customers.

Buying or renting a Commercial Undercounter Fridge for your business is also a great way to increase the productivity of your workforce, because it is going to cut down the amount of time spent getting to and from the fridge. The closer your fridge is to your staff, the faster they will be able to work.

We offer a wide range of top quality Undercounter Fridges. Whether you are looking for a double door undercounter fridge, a Commercial Beer Fridge, or anything else – we stock it here at Stellisons Commercial.

Our Undercounter Fridges Boast:

  • Unparalleled Energy Efficiency, that saves you money on electricity
  • Temperature Displays, that are easy to adjust and enable you to set the exact temperature desired for your needs.
  • Air Distribution Systems, that move cool air around the fridge to ensure that each and every item placed inside the unit is safely cooled to the exact temperature you set.
  • Lockable Doors, that provide that all important security to the fridge.
  • And much more

We sell Undercounter Fridges from the most desired brands, Foster and Liebherr, which are perfectly suited for: Bars, Pubs, Restaurants, Catering Companies, Hotels, Care Homes, Factories and more.

If you would like any help or advice on any of the Undercounter Fridges listed here, give us a call on 01268 638060 or drop us a message in the form below. Our friendly team are always more than happy to help you with your refrigeration needs. You can also visit us in our store in South Benfleet at: 14 Parsons Road, Manor Trading Estate, South Benfleet, SS7 4PY. We have a wide range of undercounter refrigerators for you to come in and have a look at and our staff are always on hand to help.