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Miele PM 1210

Rotary Ironers

Miele PM 1210

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Key Features

Powerplus: Aluminium heater plates provide outstanding heat distribution and up to four times faster heat-up time than steel
heater plates.

Careplus: Adjustable temperature control and roller speed provide optimal textile care.

Flexplus: Return feed operation enables flexible laundry planning.

Volumeplus: High throughput of up to 47kg per hour depending on model.

Ecoplus: Durable needle-felt roller cover for long service life.

Comfortplus: Ergonomic controls with ironing easily carried out by one operator.

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Miele PM 1210 Commercial Ironer Price

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PM 1210 Specs


Rigid frame, return feed operation X
Folding frame with steam facility -

Roller specification

Length [mm] 1000
Diameter [mm]


Rotational speed [l/min]

2 - 5.3

Circumference speed [m/min]

1.3 - 3.5

Contact pressure [N/cm2]



Ironing Performance

Throughput according to DIN 11902 [kg/h]* 30
Residual moisture 15%


Electric (EL), Gas (G), Steam (D)union EL

Electrical connection

3N AC 380-415V 50-60 Hz convertible to
1N AC 220-240 V 50-60 Hz
3 AC 440V 60 Hz
4.55 kW / 3 x 16 A
3.45 kW / 1 x 16 A
4.55 kW / 3 x 16 A

Dimensions, weight

Height [mm] 1032
Width [mm] 1573
Depth [mm] 470
Net weight [kg] 112

Floor load

Maximum floor load in operation 756
Frequency -

* Sheets fed without gaps; maximum trough temperature 180°C

x Standard feature

o Optional feature

- Feature not available