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Miele Commercial Tumble Dryers Rental

Commercial Tumble Dryer Rental from a trusted Miele Professional Approved Partner for Essex, Suffolk & Kent

Stellisons Commercial Laundry team not only give you the very best Miele Professional tumble dryers, but also the best commercial tumble dryer rental option to suit your laundry needs. As a Miele Professional Approved Partner, our commercial laundry rental packages provide a stress free full parts, labour and callout solution for the duration of your commercial tumble dryer rental.

Low running time, drying efficiency and energy consumption are three of the most important factors when it comes to any Miele commercial tumble dryer. Choosing the right Miele professional tumble dryer for your business is where our team of commercial laundry experts come in. We review your business circumstances with our no-obligation site surveys to ensure you have the right laundry equipment for the job.

Miele professional tumble dryers offer a wide range of programmes and features to reduce times and energy usage while still producing quality drying results. Combining this with Miele’s exceptional standards makes these commercial tumble dryers the clear choice for any business thinking in investing in commercial laundry equipment. Small businesses can benefit from our Miele Professional Little Giant range with 5.5 Kg and 6.5 Kg machines, whilst bigger businesses can opt for our larger 7-9kg and up to 20kg.

Commercial Tumble Dryer Maintenance Solutions Included as Standard

  • Delivery and Installation
  • Old Appliance Disposal
  • Commissioning
  • Staff Training
  • Full Parts and Labour Warranty
  • Annual Service
  • Commercial Tumble Dryer Maintenance
  • Emergency Call-outs
  • Breakdown Cover
  • Loan machines to Prevent any Interruption
  • Commercial Tumble Dryer Parts
  • All-important Compliance Inspection, Gas and Safety Checks

Call our specialist Commercial Laundry team to arrange a no-obligation consultation to discuss what would be the best commercial tumble dryer to suit your business requirements. 01268 638 060

Miele PT 5137 WP

Miele - PT 5137 WP Little Giant Tumble Dryers

Details: PT 5137 WP

Miele PT 7135 C

Miele - PT 7135 C Vario Little Giant Tumble Dryers

Details: PT 7135 C Vario

Miele PT 7136

Miele - PT 7136 Vario Little Giant Tumble Dryers

Details: PT 7136 Vario

Miele PT 7186

Miele - PT 7186 Vario Octoplus Tumble Dryers

Details: PT 7186 Vario

Miele PT 8253

Miele - PT 8253 10-13 Kg Tumble Dryers

Details: PT 8253

Miele PT 8257

Miele - PT 8257 10-13 Kg Tumble Dryers

Details: PT 8257

Miele PT 8257 WP

Miele - PT 8257 WP Heat-Pump Tumble Dryers

Details: PT 8257 WP

Miele PT 8301

Miele - PT 8301 12-15 Kg Tumble Dryers

Details: PT 8301

Miele PT 8303

Miele - PT 8303 12-15 Kg Tumble Dryers

Details: PT 8303

Miele PT 8333

Miele - PT 8333 13-16 Kg Tumble Dryers

Details: PT 8333

Miele PT 8337

Miele - PT 8337 13-16 Kg Tumble Dryers

Details: PT 8337

Miele PT 8337 WP

Miele - PT 8337 WP Heat-Pump Tumble Dryers

Details: PT 8337 WP

Miele PT 8403

Miele - PT 8403 16-20 Kg Tumble Dryers

Details: PT 8403

Miele PT 8407

Miele - PT 8407 16-20 Kg Tumble Dryers

Details: PT 8407

Key reasons to choose a Miele Professional Tumble Dryer


SoftLift Ribs

The patented SoftLift ribs improve drying efficiency by increasing the laundries exposure to the warm air while still ensuring maximum care.


Air Recycling Plus

Patented air and valve controls switches the machine to either recirculation or extraction mode depending on the type of load. This helps to deliver substantial time and energy savings while still providing gentle care.


Heat pump dryers

The new heat-pump dryer from Miele continually circulates hot air through the drum providing an energy saving of up to 53% compared to standard element heaters.


Space saving designs

Alongside stacked machines Miele also offer a range of slimline dryers providing the solution for even the most compacted laundry facilities.


H20 Dryers

The New H20 dryers from Miele produce staggering cost savings as opposed to other forms of heating and can be utilised wherever water is heated.