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The perfect dishwasher to meet your everyday challenges

Freshwater dishwasher PG8055

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The new dishwashers with the unique Miele fresh water circulation system rise to the challenge of meeting the highest of demands on cleaning quality and hygiene with alacrity. Characterised by high throughput and short programme cycles, these machines represent the most efficient solution in a wide range of commercial kitchens. The new Miele dishwashers: tireless workhorses and as varied as your working day.

The fastest commercial dishwashers using the fresh water circulation system.

The technical approach on Miele dishwashers combines speed, efficiency, performance and cost-effectiveness in a most unique way.

  • Ideal for hotels, restaurants, clubs and schools
  • Shortest programme cycle 5 mins.
  • Two rack levels for maximum capacity
  • Up to 456 plates in lower basket and further items of crockery and cutlery in upper basket

The benefits of the fresh water circulation principle

Frequency of use, quantity and type of load as well as on-site installation conditions determine which dishwasher represents the best match in a particular commercial application. Here, Miele's technical fresh water circulation concept excels by combining performance, hygiene and efficiency in one and the same machine in the most exemplary of ways.


  • Highest efficiency up to 40 cycles per day
  • Load-specific programmes with adapted process parameters
  • Water heating only during cycles
  • Optimum use of cold and hot water
  • Integrated water softener


  • Short programme cycle lasting up to 5 mins. for two baskets
  • Large cabinet with two rack levels for maximum capacity
  • Consistently high cleaning performance and a spotless finish in all cycles
  • Mixed load with crockery, glasses, cutlery and pots and pans
  • Height-adjustable upper basket
  • Versatile lower basket for plates with a diameter of up to 330 mm


  • Reliable margins of hygiene offered by disinfection programmes and very high final rinse temperatures
  • Integrated aerosol steam condenser for the gentle drying of crockery

A professional approach is an absolute must in our kitchen and I as chef must demand a lot from everyone. But even I am surprised time and time again by the immaculate results our Miele dishwasher produces.

Andreas Walter,
kitchen chef
Beach Hotel Weisser Berg,