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With a large selection of washing machines ranging in capacity from 5.5kg to 32Kg it has never been easier to find the right commercial machine for your business.


Key reasons to choose a Miele Professional Washing Machine:


Honeycomb drum

The patented Honeycomb drum creates a protective film of water, cradling cloths and providing exceptional care for even the most delicate washes.



The Miele flowmeter combined with an integrated pressure switch accurately monitors and adjusts water intake and usage with pin point accuracy helping to reduce water consumption by up to 10%.


Barrier-free drainage

To help prevent blockages and costly down time selected Miele professional products can be fitted with the newly developed dump valve. This increases the diameter of the machines drainage helping to prevent blockages, ideal for vets, children homes and hotels.


Mop head machine

To ensure careful cleaning of washcloths and mop heads Miele offer machines specially designed machines with clever features and personalised programmes. These machines are ideal for schools, hospitals and hotels creating cost savings in the long term due to the extended life of cleaning supplies.


Stackable laundry

Now even the most cramped laundry rooms can benefit from Miele Professional products with its stackable range of laundry solutions. These machines take up half of their duel machine counterparts, helping to make the most effective use of space.


Water Technology List

UK businesses can now write off the whole cost of a new Miele washing machine against taxable profits of the year of purchase. This is due to Enhanced Capital Allowance (ECA) which rewards business for investing in low water consumption products or technologies.