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Dishwasher and Laundry Rental designed to save you time and money

As a Miele Approved Partner, Stellison’s are able to offer a fantastic range of commercial dishwashers, washing machines, tumble dryers and ironers with the sole purpose of saving you both time and money.

No obligation Consultations

Our specialist team provide tailor-made rental packages guaranteeing savings and a fully inclusive service guarantee.

We make it cheaper, easier and more effective for you to run your business. So it really is up to you when you want to start saving money…

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Save £££’s versus Outsourcing

If you currently outsource your linen, then it is definitely time to rethink. Our Miele-approved specialists can discuss your businesses individual needs, look at your current spend and demonstrate how to start saving money as soon as you install our systems.

Commercial Laundry Rental

Commercial Washing Machines/Commercial Tumble Dryers

Commercial Miele Washing machines offer capacity’s from 5.5kg to 32kg. Sluice and thermal disinfection washes and WRAS approved.

Space saving Little Giants

Space is never an issue as our professional Miele appliances are designed to work in an environment to suit you with amazingly compact footprints of less than 1 metre squared.

Commercial Barrier Washers

We rent or lease Barrier Washers to deal with the largest amount of laundry and guarantee optimum hygiene.

Rotary Ironing

The Miele Rotary Ironers significantly reduce the time it takes to finish your laundry, processing a substantial amount of tablecloths and linin and reducing the need for tumble drying.

Commercial Dishwashers Rental

Dishwashers and Tank Dishwashers

Miele Freshwater Dishwashers are designed for Hygiene and Speed, guaranteeing a quicker turn around, bug free washes and sparkling clean glassware.

Our Commercial Dishwashers are something to behold. The smaller commercial front-loading freshwater systems having speed at their core with the shortest program at just 5 minutes, final rinse temperatures of up to 85ºC for the maximum levels of Hygiene and a Brilliant system for sparkling clean cutlery and glassware.

Our bigger commercial Miele tank dishwashers offer a massive cleaning capacity of 1080 plates (or 60 baskets) per hour with a stunning 60 seconds as the shortest program!

Tried & Tested – Miele a Professional Product

Miele Professional machines are tested to have an operating lifespan of over 30,000 hours. That means they have the ability to run for 8 hours per day, every day for 10 years.

“A no nonsense rental agreement on the very best equipment designed to save you money”.

If you would like to find out more about our rental options please contact our sales team on 01268 638060 or email your enquire to

50 years experience

Included as Standard

  • Delivery and installation
  • Old appliance disposal
  • Commissioning
  • Staff training
  • Full Parts and Labour warranty
  • Annual Service

So that means full parts, labour and callout cover for the duration of the rental; providing peace of mind that you will not incur any additional costs if anything does go wrong with your appliance.

In the event the machine does require an engineer one will be provided within 24 hours of the reported fault. That being said, if the machine does require significant work a loan machine will be supplied when available to prevent any interruption to your business activity.

Why choose to rent?

  • SAVE £££££’s

  • Minimal cash outlay

  • Easy Budgetary limitation

  • Avoidance of obsolescence

  • Conservation of the business working capital

  • Preservation of existing funding lines

  • Tax benefits – each lease payment (including large deposits) can be offset fully against pre tax profits

  • Fast application turnaround

  • 100% financing