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LITTLE GIANTS Washing machines & Tumble Dryers | Essex

With a throughput capacity of up to 8 kg of cottons per hour, the new LITTLE GIANTS represent the professional approach to a wide range of laundry-care applications.

With new and innovative features, a rugged industrial design and user-specific care programmes, these machines are the ideal helpers in coping with huge amounts of laundry each and every day. And the unique Miele honeycomb drum with its sculptured design guarantees maximum laundry care.

WashPlus and DryPlus stand for innovative product features, a responsible approach to natural resources, ergonomic processes and the dependability which comes from a strong brand.

Wash Plus - Dry Plus


A capacity that defines its size
  • Large drum volume for up to 6.5 kg of laundry
  • Uniform washing and drying results
  • Fast drying


A performance that offers more
  • Powerful heater elements for fast heat-up and short cycles
  • Large drum volume for high laundry throughput
  • Intelligent solutions for reliable results
  • Professional, commercial technology


A process that adapts to all situations
  • User interfaces to meet individual consumer needs
  • Special version for coin-op launderettes
  • Modifiable programme parameters
  • Display in local language
  • Large number of special and additional programmes


A concept that leaves a lasting impression
  • Product design for perfect ergonomics, user convenience and quality
  • Versions in Lotus White and stainless steel


A system that provides gentle laundry care
  • Patented honeycomb drum
  • Stability of shape and longer life cycle of textiles
  • Dryer drum with SoftLift ribs
  • Less creasing, less need for finishing
  • Reduced investment in new textiles


A sustainable, cost effective performance
  • Optimum use of energy
  • Optimum use of water
  • Robust design using recyclable materials for maximum sustainability
  • Low consumption


A simple, user friendly solution
  • Simple and fast programme selection using rotary switch and pushbuttons
  • Programme sequence indicator in display
  • Large drum opening for simple loading and unloading


A strong brand
  • High self-build content on all products
  • Wide range of services including presales advice, planning, training, economic feasibility studies, financing through to after-sales service

Professional quality for professional business


Robust design

Reinforced shock absorbers, extremely quiet running properties thanks to a robust drum bearing and choice materials ensure a durable, long-lasting machine built to cope with the rough and tumble of commercial applications.

Short programmes

A hot water connection and a high heater rating allows short programme cycles,

faster laundry turnaround and high daily throughput. Fresh laundry is washed,

dried and available for use again in only 90 minutes.

Heavy-duty motor

A very powerful asynchronous motor with a frequency converter allows excellent speed control enabling a gentle run-up at low speeds, smooth running at high speeds and excellent durability.

Professional Balance System

A dependable imbalance monitoring system ensures that the laundry load is evenly distributed around the drum and guarantees reliable spin performance. At the same time, by reducing imbalances, the strain on the bearings is minimised, sound emissions reduced and laundry prepared for the drying cycle in the best possible way.

Individual installation options

Miele tumble dryers are available as vented or condenser dryers. On the condenser dryer, condensate is drained off via a hose attached to the rear of the unit. Using a stacking kit, the washing machine and tumble dryer can be installed one on top of the other on a footprint of only 60 x 70 cm.

Commercial machines to meet professional needs

Thanks to innovative and rugged commercial-grade technology and care programmes catering for specific user needs, Miele's LITTLE GIANTS clearly outperform domestic machines. In order to meet professional requirements,

these commercial washing machines and tumble dryers have features specifically designed for small businesses. Furthermore, LITTLE GIANTS meet all requirements pursuant to the European Machinery Guideline.

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