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Hygienic safety thanks to high wash temperatures

Freshwater dishwasher 8059

Perfect hygiene when it comes to washing dishes is simply expected in all catering businesses and canteens. Maximum hygiene is, above all, high on the agenda in YOPI operations, i.e. those dealing with young, old, pregnant or immunosuppressed persons. In this setting, Miele HYGIENE models offering high main wash temperatures represent a valuable contribution towards the systematic prevention of the spread of infections.

Reprocessing using the best available cleaning system for uncompromising crockery hygiene.

With special hygiene programmes, Miele's new commercial dishwashers meet the strictest of hygiene requirements.

  • For exceptionally high standards of hygiene in hospitals, nursing homes and kindergartens
  • Final rinse temperatures of up to 85°
  • Miele's fresh water circulation system is recommended by the wfk Institute

wfk-logoTested for efficiency

The wfk Institute of Applied Research in Krefeld, Germany, has endorsed Miele's fresh water circulation system as implemented in the new PG 80 series, claiming excellent cleaning and hygiene.

WFK Institute for Applied Research, Krefeld, Germany

product-qualityUncompromising cleaning hygiene

In smaller kitchens, e.g. in kindergartens and primary schools, but also in the living quarters associated with sheltered housing, there are often dishwashers in use which are not geared to providing maximum hygiene. With Miele commercial dishwashers operating on the fresh water circulation principle, it is possible to meet even the strictest of hygiene regulations.

Hygiene models are specifically designed

for this appliances, with programmes Miele wash parameters for hygiene with good safety margins

  • Separate fresh intakes of water for the main wash and final rinse phases
  • Intensive filtration of wash water
  • Final rinse temperatures of up to 85°
  • Steam condensation at end of programme with a high final rinse temperature and appropriate temperature holding times.

Particularly at times of the year when infections are rampant, we always select programmes with a higher final rinse temperature for our crockery.

Xenia Komtev
Age-care centre