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Miele PT 8253

10-13 Kg Tumble Dryers

Miele PT 8253

Key Features

Powerplus: A performance that offers more with powerful heater elements for fast heat-up and short cycles. Large drum volume for high laundry loads and intelligent solutions for reliable results - Professional, commercial technology.

Careplus: The patented honeycomb drum ensures laundry is cared for - air pockets provide cushion protection and reduce fibre wear. SoftLift ribs ensure traction is increased, this ensures that the laundry travels further and has extended exposure to the heated air flow.

Flexplus: Profitronic B Plus Controls have 10 fixed and 2 time controlled programmes as well as the ‘Low temperature’ function covers the range of moisture controlled applications. Profitronic M controls: Freely programmable. Standard programme packages and a total of 199 programme slots. The temperatures, holding times, wash times, drum rhythms, spin speeds and dosing are all programmable to suit your needs.

Ecoplus: A sustainable, cost-effective performance, achieving optimum results. Robust design using  recyclable materials for sustainability. Hot air recycling combined with a reverse action drum to ensure  maximum energy efficiency.

Comfortplus: A simple, user-friendly solution when selecting programmes by using rotary switch and pushbuttons. With a large drum opening for simple loading and unloading.

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PT 8253


Frontloader, door opening [Ø mm] 520
Suitable for stacking -

Drying system

Vented with AirRecycling system X
Air inlet and exhaust outlet diameter [mm] DN 150


Max. load 1:25 - 1:20 [kg] 10 - 13
Patented Honeycomb drum volume [litres] 250


Slot for comuunication module X

Connection options

Communication module with serial interface O
Payment System O
Peak load cut-out O


Electric (EL), Gas (G), Steam (D) EL/G

Electrical connection (electric heating)

3N AC 380-415 V 50 Hz 14.3 kW / 3 x 25 A
3 AC 440 V 60 Hz -

Electrical connection (gas heating)

1N AC 220-240 V 50 Hz 0.8 kW / 1 x 10 A
3N AC 380-415 V 50 Hz -

Dimensions, weight (electric heating)

External dimensions H/W/D [mm] 1400/906/836
Net weight [kg] 148

External finish

Front, sides and lid octoblue, rear panel* X
Front stainless steel, lid & sides octoblue, rear panel* O

Sound levels (IEC 704-1 and 704-2-4)

  60.2 dB

Floor load

Maximum floor load in operation (EL/G) 1636 N / 1651 N
Maximum floor load in operation (STEAM) -
Frequency -

* Electro zinc plated

x Standard feature

o Optional feature

- Feature not available